Siddick Bridge – now open

After many years in development, the new Siddick railway bridge reopened to motorists last week, following a major upgrade to improve access to and from the Port of Workington.

The £4m Network Rail project – funded by the county council, Network Rail, and the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership – has seen Siddick bridge completely rebuilt to modern standards, providing a road link for port traffic over the Cumbrian Coast Line railway.

The new 8.4-metre wide bridge means faster and smoother access for the thousands of vehicles which haul 500,000 tonnes of cargo in and out of the site each year – and enhances the potential for the Port to attract bigger and more valuable contacts from around the globe, with a reliable transport infrastructure to and from the Port including rail and road links.

You can watch the video here.


Nelcon Cranes departing for a new life in Teesport May 2020

After months of planning by ingenious engineers the Port of Workington moved its two redundant Nelcon cranes to their new home in Teesport.

The mega move took place on 8th May 2020 and the task was to drive the two cranes, each weighing 198 tonnes, from the dock side onto a sea barge. This feat of engineering took over 12 hours to complete and was achieved with only inches to spare. Blue skies over the Port meant perfect conditions for the whole operation.
Take a look at the time-lapse video, it makes the loading operation look so easy and yet so spectacular.

The skyline at the Port of Workington has been changed forever after 30 years of domination by these impressive workhorses.

The cranes were originally brought to Workington by barge from Rotterdam on the 27th April 1990. Two of our staff who saw the cranes arrive at Workington all those years ago were also involved in the loading operation, it was quite an emotional day for them.

The cranes left for Teesport on the 11th May 2020 and arrived at their new home on 18th May after carefully navigating from Workington all the way down to the English Channel and finally up the North Sea to Teesport.


Port Wins Major Contract

The Port of Workington has been chosen as the preferred discharge Port for supplying water pipes to the Thirlmere Links Mains Project, a joint venture for Farrans Roadbridge and United Utilities in association with My Metals Ltd and Noksel Espana.

The Port’s deep water facility and location was one of the major factors in winning this contract coupled with our freight terminal which has extensive laydown areas, and expertise in handling this type of project cargo.

Diesel locomotive loading onto a train

Final Shipment To Workington

Port of Workington is proud to have been involved in the importation of 28 brand new state of the art locomotives on behalf of Osprey Shipping and Direct Rail Services in partnership with Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd.

Over the 2 year contract all the locomotives were safely discharged from ship direct to Port rail sidings and onwards to Carlisle via the Cumbrian Coast Railway Line.

This was all made possible by the Port’s deep water facility, supported by our internal rail system which is directly connected to the main line network.