Local Aids to Navigation & Survey Notices

Local Aids to Navigation

The Port of Workington has established a number of aids to navigation. The establishment of aids to navigation has evolved over a long period of time.

All local aids to navigation that are owned and maintained by the Port are category 3 as defined by the General Lighthouse Authority (GLA). Consequently they are maintained to meet the overall availability criteria as specified by the GLA in the Port’s Aids to Navigation Availability Reporting (PANAR).

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Survey Notices

Hydrographic surveys of the bar, the approach channel, the turning basin and enclosed dock are conducted at regular intervals. The frequency of these surveys is determined by the Harbour Master in consideration of various factors that include recent weather and tidal conditions.

Surveys are conducted from the Port of Workington’s own vessel Derwent. Survey data is plotted to produce profiles of the depth of water.

After completing surveys the Port promulgates a Survey Notice to port users with a chartlet of the latest survey data.

Survey Notice No. 4 of 2023 

Workington Bar Monitoring Survey

Workington Basin Monitoring Survey