Port Regulations & Parameters

Marine Operations and the Port Control Office is situated at the Dock Gate entrance and a listening watch is maintained each day during the high water periods on VHF channels 16 & 14 Call sign – Workington Harbour Radio.

For communications outside of the Dock Gate operational times, Marine Operations can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on +44 (0)1900 602301.

The Port of Workington operates within the following regulations and codes:

The Port and Harbour of Workington, the limits of which are defined in the Workington Harbour Revision Order 1999 and Workington Harbour Acts and Orders 1957 to 1999 and, the entity that on a daily basis assumes the duties of the statutory harbour authority in accordance with local legislation and the provisions of the Harbour Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 and those of the competent harbour authority for the Workington Pilotage Area as described in the Workington (Pilotage) Harbour Revision Order 1988.

All commercial vessels wishing to enter the Port should complete and return the following to Marine Operations by email 24 hours prior to arrival.

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There are no berths available for pleasure craft within the Port; however the Tidal Leisure Harbour accommodates a number of fishing vessels and other small craft.

Port Restrictions & Details – The Prince of Wales Dock

General Data

Quay Frontage 772.7m
Area 2.6ha
Length 299.3m

  • West End
  • East End
  • Width of Entrance



  • Neap Tides
  • Spring Tides



Ships up to 137.2m in length and 20.4m beam can be berthed in the Prince of Wales Dock.

The Tidal Leisure Harbour (For Small Craft Only)

This has a quay frontage of 853m and accommodates a number of fishing vessels and other small craft.

The depth of the water in the tidal harbour is approximately 4.1m on neap tides and 7.2m on spring tides.